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Howard Fay
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Hawkeye Care Center Cresco is a skilled nursing and long-term care center located in “Iowa’s year-round playground”.

While small in size, our quality of care and trust among residents, families and staff is huge thanks to decades of providing exceptional care. From day one, residents become family, tended to by a deeply caring and compassionate staff that go above and beyond to meet their needs. We believe in providing a fun, lighthearted atmosphere and keeping residents as engaged as possible to enjoy purpose-filled lives.

As a Hawkeye Care Center, we’re a part of a phenomenal family of senior care communities with strong, supportive leadership and roots in Iowa that go back more than four decades.

Our core values were created to bring out true happiness, positivity and fun for residents and responsibility, innovation, leadership and trust in employees. It’s a place that deeply cares about residents, their families and its employees- a place where you belong.

Services created from the heart

24-hour Specialized Nursing Care
Rehab to Home Program with Licensed Therapists
Inpatient and Outpatient Therapy
Admission and Social Services
Recreational and Wellness Programs
Restorative Program
Respite Stays

You belong at Hawkeye Care Center.

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“The minute you come here, you become family and we will take care of you 24/7/365.”

Stories from the Heartland

Every resident at a Hawkeye Care Center has a story to tell about his or her journey through life. The person they are today is an evolution of the people they’ve met, and the influences, actions, events, challenges and triumphs they’ve experienced throughout the decades. We are proud to be a part of every resident’s story. And support them in the next chapter of their life.

Howard Fay

Howard Fay is 97 years old. He’s been married twice. He and his first wife had three kids together. She passed away after only being married a few short years. He met his second wife by buying a wooden silo from her. After he bought the silo, he sent her a letter and she responded. They had 58 years of wedded bliss together. Howard has many grandkids, great-grandkids and great-great grandkids. Too many to keep track of, he said.

Howard said he was making 35 cents per hour at his first job. He often rode his bicycle to and from work because he couldn’t afford gas for the car.

He has bought and sold several farms, having farmed for 25 to 30 years.

He is a collector of all sorts of antiques, but tractors are his passion. His favorite tractor was a 1930 Oliver Hart Parr.
He has participated in many parades over the years with his tractors.

Howard has a shop where he keeps all his collectibles. He goes there on a daily basis to tinker with them. He loves turning trash into treasure, calling himself a “wheeler and dealer.” He still buys and sells things on a weekly basis.

Howard said, “Having a positive attitude is what keeps me going and keeps me young.”

Jim Irwin

Jim is a life long Iowa resident, residing in Central Iowa all his life. He self reported not ever venturing far from home. Jim has two daughters. One daughter, age 22, is graduating from Morningside college this weekend and wants to possibly focus on a career in Biology or rehab. Jim’s older daughter, age 40, has cerebral palsy. She also resides in Marshalltown and utilizes in home services for her daily care. Jim reported that he would like her to come here but she is somewhat resistant to change and socializing. Jim worked for Racom for 30 years as a network engineer. He described his career as being constantly changing and served a service area of multiple states. He said he would check with dispatch every day and that determined where he would be working for the day. He liked trouble-shooting and working on new projects every day. He embraced the challenge. Outside of Racom, he was also a wheat farmer for several years. He enjoyed this as well. Jim was formally an avid softball player and misses that.

Jim came to the Villa because he wanted to remain close to home, as he always has. He reported that his favorite thing about the Villa is the food and he laughed when he said he can tell who is cooking that day.
Jim really likes the larger rooms. He stated that he appreciates the activities

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